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Friday, November 21, 2008

Time for Christmas Shopping

Okay, the zaniness of 'Black Friday' is still a week away, but now is the time to really start your Christmas shopping. By next weekend, and for each of the final four weekends afterwards before the actual holiday, the rush at your local mall is going to only get worse and worse.

Oh yeah, I know, there is some 'financial crisis' or whatever the doomsayers are trying to sell you on today. So there won't be any Christmas shopping this year, right? Probably will be short lines and plenty of stock on the shelves at the stores, right? You can put it off until later this year, right?

Wrong! You and I both know that you are going to be out there buying gifts for your kids and grandkids, your siblings, your parents (right girls?) as well as other close family members and friends.

So let me give you a hint. Get out there this weekend! Things began to pick up last weekend at the malls and stores. They are going to get worse next weekend and every one after that through December.

This is the time to take advantage. Get out there, beat the real mad rush. Grab exactly what you want without fighting too much of a crowd. Oh, it will be crowded. But this rush is nothing compared to what is going to be happening for the following five weekends.

An even better idea, begin to get a bunch of your shopping done online. Places like 'Amazon.com' are all ready to help you do the bulk of your shopping right from the comfort of your own home. They ship directly to you at a small fee, in plenty of time for you to get the gifts wrapped for redistribution by you at the holiday.

Almost every major store has an online service now to help you shop at home. From Sears to Wal-Mart, from candy to food, from gift certificates to high-end clothes and jewelry, you can buy pretty much anything online these days. Just have your credit card ready.

And as for those credit cards, don't be afraid to spend, as long as you are secure in your job. If you have a good, steady job there is no reason to fear spending your good, hard-earned money in bringing some love and joy at the holidays.

So get out there this weekend and get going, or just stay home and fire up the computer and get going, or tune the TV to HSN or QVC and get going. But get going, now is the time. Get those Christmas decorations, you will be decorating starting next weekend. And don't forget those Christmas cards too, you are going to be wanting to mail them out in just two more weeks.

Get to it people, this is going to be your best weekend remaining to get it done. Just 33 shopping days until Christmas. 'Carpe Diem', Christmas shoppers!

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