Friday, October 14, 2005

"Sick" Reaches a New Low

Just when I think that I have heard of the sickest thing that I am likely going to ever hear about, someone comes along and takes "sick" to a new low. On Wednesday, 38-yr old Peggy Jo Connor of the Pittsburgh area (mother of three: 16, 14, 11) bashed her 8-months pregnant neighbor and close friend, 30-yr old Valerie Oskin, over the head with a baseball bat, drove her out to a secluded wooded area, and then sliced open Oskin's abdomen with a razor blade, tracing the 8-inch path of an old c-section scar, in attempt to take Oskin's baby. Connor had told her own live-in partner that she herself was pregnant, and a search of the trailer she was living in turned up numerous baby-related items. Now please, no trailer-trash jokes. This woman is simply sick at a level that you and I will hopefully never experience, either from ourselves or any of our own close friends or neighbors. Connor's act was interrupted when a 17-yr old boy on an ATV came tooling through the woods and stumbled upon the gruesome act, then notified his dad who came to the scene and in turn notified authorities. The baby was removed at an area hospital and is stable, while Oskin was listed in critical condition at last word.

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