Thursday, October 13, 2005

Philly's Cops Are Tops

I am proud to be a member of one of the greatest law enforcement entities in the world, the Philadelphia Police Department. For over fifteen years I have been privileged to serve the city, first as a patrol officer, then as a detective, and now as a supervisor. I have spread this service across four geographic divisions: Central, East, Northeast and West and found a high quality of crime fighters everywhere I have been. I am a 2nd generation cop, with my dad Matt Veasey having retired back in 1990 at the rank of Captain. My brother Mike is also on the force, and we are happy to establish a family tradition. Who knows, maybe one of our kids will make it a dynasty! Keep up the great work, Philly Cops, and stay safe!


Jessica said...

Philly cops are the hottest in America and I still love the Phillies!

D. Maria said...

Indeed Philly Cops are Tops!!

Oh, and Jessica I concur, they are the hottest in America ;)
Especially in the summer months; August comes to mind ;)