Friday, October 14, 2005

Gas Prices Up: Sky is Falling !

Gas prices are up...surprise! Despite what the liberal Dems across the U.S. would have you believe, it is not all some simplistic Bush-led cash-grab by big oil. The market combination of a supply squeezed by the twin destructive actions of terrorists and hurricanes, a demand pushed by emerging economies such as the behemoth Chinese, and our own stupidity in not ignoring the environmental wackos and expanding our domestic resources by drilling at ANWR, among other efforts, has all ganged up on us at once. Now, Philly mayor John Street has said "We are facing a possible utility emergency...unlike anything anyone in this city has ever experienced!" as he pushes ever more lib-style plans to help the needy with their heating bills this winter. First, I'll be curious to see where he draws the line on "needy". Next, I'll be curious to see if more taxes or less services delivered come out of this. Yep, things will cost a bit more, and for libs like Street, that means, in the immortal words of Chicken Little, "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!"

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D. Maria said...

There’s a thread on Domelights entitled Mayor Street. It’s truly hysterical! Here’s the link: